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E-TUTORS      Online Teachers

For Maths/English/Tamil

IT/Computer programming

Management and Soft skills 

Mode of working

Work under Educational Process Outsourcing (EPO)

Day Shift / Night Shift

Freelance online teaching from home


What we do?

We offer training on How to teach online a web based course through Internet

We offer accent training for international etutoring

We offer advisory /consultancy for setting up your own etutoring centre

We offer tenancy for teachers to have their courses in our server on a revenue sharing basis

We engage teachers course wise for a fixed cost. 

What is E-tutoring?

E-tutors teach interactively to a remote student through Internet on a real-time fixed schedule.  They must be familiar with the use of Internet enabled technologies such as Audio/video appliances, Instant Messaging, chat, desktop application sharing.  Maths teacher must be conversant with the use of pen tablet.  They possess effective communication skills to converse and convey the messages with clarity and without ambiguity. For International assignment accent training is a pre-requisite.  We have developed our own accent training available through Internet.  Only after a certification from our voice specialist international etutoring assignments will be considered. 

What is online teaching?

Online teaching is offline type of work.  The teaching and learning is any where any time based according to the pace and convenience.  The online teacher will organise the content through Internet and help the student to learn by way of clarifying the doubts through email.  He/She will participate in the discussion forum.  Gives the assignment and presents the quiz program.  The workload will be approximately 4 hours per week according to your convenience. 

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Skype Id : vnagarajan1945

          Elearning to Alearning ľadaptive learning

Offline e-learning platform LAN based

Cost effective way of getting elearning content to learners

In environments where there is limited access to good IT resources

Software that can be installed on a single computer,

In a college computer lab or in a corporate traning centre.

Experience interactive online learning without having to hire expensive IT technicians.

Without installing an Internet connection

Opensource software free

Installation and training affordably priced

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Call : 9380507678

Radius eLearning is an online initiative offering online courses in the area of Information Technology, Computer programming, Spoken English, Soft Skills and skills for professional development. These courses are available through a partnership with an American company for offering online teacher assisted eLearning. These courses are available to students who registered individually or through an institution. The details are available at by clicking the link preview at the home page you may view the list of courses available. By clicking registration the learner can be registered and after payment through online / bank the user name and password will be mailed.

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